Parent Volunteer management software specifically for Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

A volunteer process with email, signup forms, and Excel takes 800 to 1,500 parent hours a year to manage.

OnVolunteers automates the entire volunteer program and cuts administration time as much as 80%.

OnVolunteers is a web-based volunteer system that automates the entire parent volunteer sign up, tracking and management process - providing fast and easy parent recruiting and scheduling, automated service hours tracking and comprehensive parent volunteer management.

Optimum Efficiency

Save 100s of hours with a completely automated volunteer tracking and management system, repeatable every year.

360° Visibility and Control

You'll have peace of mind from knowing what's happening and having complete control.

Up-to-date information for all

Everyone is happy. Parents, volunteer leaders and school staff all have relevant, real-time information.

The only volunteer system dedicated to Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

OnVolunteers provides unique features especially designed for the particular requirements of Catholic, Independent and Charter schools. Automatically track service hours and associated dollar values unique to each family. Systematically track parents with Criminal Background Checks. Have an automated monitoring and notification system for volunteering status. All available only in OnVolunteers.

Automate every facet of your Parent Volunteer Program

  Core Features

Call for volunteers or Schedule

Relax and watch volunteer positions fill up. Parents have full access to all volunteer jobs and can sign up without having to email or phone anyone. Alternatively, you search for parents with appropriate skills, preferences and schedules to slot in parent to specific volunteer positions.

Centralized Communication

Bring all communications between your volunteer team and parents into a central messaging system. Eliminate silo’d email strings that make for poor communication. OnVolunteers’ internal messaging system leads to greater organization and helps to eliminate confusion.

Organize - Hands Free

Volunteer jobs are systematically organized under respective events and activities and are tracked automatically. The status of volunteer jobs and shifts are structured so you instantly know what’s going on with each - no more last minute scrambling. You’ll be able to see, well in advance, if you need to take action.

Automatically Track and Aggregate Parent Hours

Families neither have to manually track nor submit their volunteer hours, it’s all automatic. And all parents’ hours, from different events are all automatically aggregated. If needed, your coordinators can easily make hour adjustments, and these are automatically reflected in hours totals. This ensures parent volunteer hours are accurate.

  Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

Catholic, Independent and Charter schools have very unique volunteer program requirements. The OnVolunteers system is the only volunteer management software available that offers features specifically designed to meet these particular needs

Track Hours against Unique Family Annual Targets

You’ll have automatic tracking of parent volunteer hours against your school’s annual Family hours requirements. In addition, you can set annual hour requirements by unique family, based on your school’s defined guidelines. This ensures you have a complete picture of all families, their volunteering work and their finished hours.

Automated Monitoring and Notification of Low Hours

Completely eliminate the many, many hours wasted figuring out which families are low on hours and then having to notify parents by email or letter. This is completely automated with OnVolunteers! Quickly set your desired guidelines and the system will automatically monitor family hours and notify families with low service hours; you’ll save days of work! No other system provides this unique automation.

Digital Check In/Check - Automated Verification

For volunteer jobs done at the school, you can use the available digital ‘Check In/Check Out interface. This allows parents to ‘check in’ when they start their volunteer jobs and ‘check out’ when they’re done. These “time stamps” provide an automatic verification of the parent’s volunteering work, eliminating any need for a coordinator to verify the parents’ jobs.

Volunteer Job and Hours Verification Process

For any off-site volunteer jobs, use OnVolunteers’ “Task Verification” process; coordinators can quickly verify the actual hours completed by parents. With verified parent job completion, your volunteer leaders can analyze actual hours completed against school activity needs to see if more volunteers are needed in the future.

  Flexible Customizable System

Unique Scheduling and Signup Attributes

Want to assign parents to specific volunteer jobs? Or allow parents to self-sign-up for their preferences? OnVolunteers gives you the flexibility to do both. How about showing specific volunteer jobs to particular groups of parents? Want to give ‘Bonus Hours’ for those hard-to-recruit-for shifts? Or show specific volunteer jobs only to parents with Criminal Background Checks? Yes, yes, and yes, with OnVolunteers.

Un-planned, un-listed Volunteer Jobs Easily Handled

There are many times when an un-expected need for volunteers arise, typically the day of. As these are not listed in a volunteer signups, they are very difficult to track. OnVolunteers’ “Ad hoc” capabilities allow you to easily account for and track these unplanned, and un-listed jobs and hours. Everything is accounted for, giving you a complete picture of your entire volunteer program.

Volunteer jobs for specific Grades, Custom Groups

With powerful, yet easy point-and-click settings, your coordinators can show specific volunteer jobs to only parents in specific grades or custom groups you define. You can also set specific job requirements, and only parents who meet those requirements see those jobs. You’ll be able target the right jobs to the right parents, helping to maximize volunteer sign-ups.

Digitally Capture Parent Preferences

Eliminate paper forms by having parents submit their event and schedule preferences online, in their volunteer portal. Volunteer administrators and coordinators can quickly see who’s interested in doing what and when parents are available, makes scheduling fast and easy. You’ll save hours by not having to wade through paper forms.



  • 1 Administrator/Coordinator
  • Parent/Administrator Portal
  • Centralized Volunteer Management
  • Internal Messaging
  • Email Reminders
  • Interface Customization
  • Parent Service Hours report
  • Assign Volunteer Tasks


  • All Basic features
  • 3 Administrators/Coordinators
  • Message Notifications
  • Announcements
  • Hours Goals / Tracking
  • Volunteer Bonus Hours
  • Activity Archive for Re-Use
  • No Advertisements


  • All Standard features
  • Unlimited Administrators/Coordinators
  • Multi-level Users/Permissions
  • Completed Task Verification
  • Hours Monitoring/Notification
  • Criminal Background Tracking
  • Email Templates
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Un-scheduled Jobs Tracking
# of User Accounts* Basic Standard Premium
0-100 Free $29/month $49/month
101-200 Free $39/month $59/month
201-400 Free $49/month $69/month
401-600 Free $59/month $79/month
601-750 Free $69/month $89/month
751+ Free $79/month $99/month

* # of User accounts - each family receives an account, as well as school staff members involved in your volunteer program.

Which plan is best for you?

Based on the # of families and user accounts you need, here are some tips on deciding which plan would suit your program.

  • If you have only 1 administrator or coordinator, and you just need volunteer signups with simple service hours tracking, the best fit is the free Basic.
  • If you have 3 or fewer Administrators or Coordinators and only ~5 school events needing volunteers, and don’t need a hours verification process, the best fit is likely Standard.
  • If you have many administrators and coordinators and events with recurring shifts, and need/ want hours verification processes, the best fit is Premium.

Getting Started Service

With Standard and Premium editions, we enter all your family information, volunteer events/categories and volunteer jobs into your Volunteer Portal for you*, as well as 3 hours of training. This is the required Getting Started Service, a one-time fee of $299 for elementary schools, $499 for high schools.

* Provided within the first 30 days of implementation.

OnVolunteers is the only volunteer software specifically developed for the unique needs of Catholic, Independent and Charters schools.
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