OnVolunteers' Student Service system is designed specifically for Public and Private high schools to automate their student community service programs

The OnVolunteers Student Service system simplifies and streamlines your Student community service processes, and saves your school staff thousands of hours every year.

Accountability of hours back on Students

No need to hand-hold students for community service work and tracking of service hours.

Eliminate paper/Excel process, Save 1000s of Hours

Replace your manual process with automated tracking and management. Save staff thousands of hours a year.

Automated Verification Peace of Mind

Every submitted hour is easily verified. Rest assured that submitted hours have actually been completed.


The OnVolunteers Student Service system’s features have been uniquely developed for school staff managing the student service program. Your staff will be able to completely eliminate the highly time-intensive paper-form and Excel tracking process. And your students will love you for eliminating paper forms.

Specialized just for High Schools and Colleges

Centralized Student Service Management

Have a single place to manage your entire Student Community Service program.

  • View, manage all students’ volunteering.
  • Post available volunteer opportunities.
  • Allow students to sign up, or assign jobs to students.
  • Allow students to log volunteer jobs they’ve found on their own, and track their hours.
  • Have students submit learning reflections.

End-to-end automated Student service tracking

From volunteer job sign-up to hours verification through to real-time reporting, the entire Student Service management process is automated.

  • Non-profit organizations have a hassle-free way to review and verify students’ service hours.
  • All student hours are recorded and accounted for, you’ll have 360° visibility into everything.
  • Each student has their own password-protected portal to track volunteer jobs and submit hours.

Automated Attendance Verification

Rest assured that what students have claimed for their community service is, in fact, true.

  • Students can send email requests to nonprofits to verify their service work; school staff and counselors can review, adjust non-profits’ verification.
  • School staff can also verify school-posted volunteer positions.

Monitoring, auto-notification of Low Hours

Eliminate having to chase down students who are behind on their community service work.

  • Pre-set tools allow you to automatically monitor and notify students who are low on service hours.
  • Notifications prompt students to sign up or log service hours to ensure they meet annual goals.
  • Students always know, in real-time, the verified hours status of their volunteering efforts.

Centralized Communication

Bring all communication between your student service staff and students into a central messaging system.

  • Students can respond to school staff messages.
  • Eliminate silo’d email strings that make for poor communication.
  • Have greater organization, eliminate confusion.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Provide students with a flexible web-based interface that adapts to whatever device they use.

  • Students can use their smartphones, tablets or their laptop / desktop computers to manage their volunteering.
  • No need to download or update an app.

Real-time Service Hours Reporting

Student Service administrators have instant access to always up-to-date student service hours.

  • Real-time reports can be accessed in 2 mouse clicks.
  • Reports can be viewed, printed or exported to Excel for sharing.

Up and Running Today!

We can have your entire Student community service program fully automated in 1 day.

  • Post volunteer opportunities the same day for students to sign up.
  • Students can log all their hours immediately.
  • Start any time during the year.



Yes, you read correctly, zero dollars, as in FREE!

No annual subscription. No maintenance cost. No training fees.

The OnVolunteers’ web-based Student Service solution provides a comprehensive feature set, rivaling even the most expensive student community service software in the market.

We have a uniquely innovative way to provide our Student Service system to every private and public high school completely free of any fees. The value our system brings to high schools is simply unsurpassed.

Contact us, see a demo and learn about our system’s comprehensive feature set and how schools use our system without any cost. Fill in the form below today.

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