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  Core Features


Within a few minutes, you can create volunteer jobs and inform your entire parent base, and almost immediately begin to get people signing up to help. Or, you can easily and quickly assign parents to the specific volunteer jobs. And all your volunteer jobs, parent information and service hours data are in one central place.


OnVolunteers has an internal messaging system that brings volunteer team and family communications into a centralized location. In addition, automated service hours monitoring and notification tools eliminate administration work - all helping you save 100s of hours, every year.

Organize - Hands free!

With OnVolunteers, coordinating and tracking parent volunteers is automated. Once an administrator has created and posted a volunteer job or task, families instantly see it from within their private password-protected webpage. Parents can view tasks and sign up in real-time. Of course, parents receive reminder emails ahead of their upcoming tasks.

Track Automatically

OnVolunteers automatically tracks families' volunteer service hours, eliminating the need for parents having to manually track and submit their hours. Similarly, the volunteer team no longer has to manually track service hours on Excel. Also available are automated tracking of service hour $ values, digital 'Check In / Check Out' of volunteer tasks, and 'No Shows'.

  Security for Children, Families and Schools

School Activities are Private

As you wouldn't want just anyone on the Internet to know the 'where', 'when', and 'who' about your school's activities, all information is shown within a parent's password-protected webpage. Only school staff and parents whom you have given access can view school activities and events, no one else.

Individual Family Portals

With OnVolunteers, each family has their own unique, password-protected webpage. A parent can view available volunteer opportunities and announcements as well as manage tasks they've signed up for or have been assigned. OnVolunteers track and shows, in real-time, the up-to-date totals of each family's volunteer hours in their own unique website.

Track Parents with Criminal Background Checks

OnVolunteers now has available Parent / Criminal Background Checks tracking. School administrators - as part of their volunteer program - have the ability to systematically track parents who have undergone criminal background checks; volunteer coordinators can show volunteer tasks involving un-supervised work with children only to parents with the requisite criminal background checks.

Password encryption, Security the Banks use.

In addition to providing families with their own unique website, the passwords of each family are encrypted and kept private - even from those on the volunteer team and the school. And OnVolunteers uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the same used by the world's leading banks.

  Flexible Customizable System

Assign to Volunteer Tasks or Parents Sign Up

Want to assign parents to specific volunteer tasks? Or allow parents to self-sign up to their preferred jobs? Both? OnVolunteers gives you the flexibility to have your desired process. And you can choose to have Coordinators approve completed jobs and hours, or choose to go with a 'Honor system' and have hours automatically approved. Have your process, your way.

Volunteer Tasks for specific Grades, Groups

With powerful, yet easy-to-use settings, your Coordinators can show specific volunteer jobs to specific grades or groups that you define. Families see what is relevant to them, nothing else. This lets you target volunteer jobs to the right families and parents, and this helps increase your volunteer sign-up rate.

Un-planned Volunteer Tasks Handled Easily

There are many times when an un-expected need for volunteers arises, often the day of. Or, parents perform jobs not previously identified. These situations create a need to track such jobs and hours. OnVolunteers has 'Ad hoc' capabilities, which allow you to easily track these jobs, the parents who do them and their service hour contributions.

Parent / Teacher Conference Scheduling

Within minutes you can create Parent / Teacher conference sign ups for every grade and class. Parents in specific classes see open slots and can sign up with just 1 mouse click. Teachers, from their own private webpage, can see who has signed up and for when. Fast and easy - for parents and teachers!

  Catholic, Independent and Charter Schools

Catholic, Independent and Charter schools have very unique volunteer program requirements. The OnVolunteers system is the only volunteer management software available that offers features specifically designed to meet these particular needs

Service Hour / $ Value Calculation of 'Non Hours'

School office staff are often tasked to track parents' service hours and the $ value parents have to pay for 'non hours'. This is a highly manual, time-intensive task, one that often doesn't get done and service hour $s go uncollected. OnVolunteers automates the tracking of service hour $ values, as well as the collection of $s for un-met service hours. From within their own unique webpage, each family sees the value of any un-met service hours. Schools can choose show the school's payment processing link in the parent's portal for them to pay the school directly, saving school office staff days of work.

Automated Monitoring and Notification of Low Volunteer Service Hours

OnVolunteers can automatically notify families who are low on commitment hours. Administrators can easily set up a series of automated notifications at pre-defined dates during the year. For example, OnVolunteers will send out an automated notification on January 15 only to families who have zero volunteer hours. School staff and volunteer administrators save days of manual work - no more trying to figure out which parents have what hours, and then having to write and send paper notifications or emails to individual families who haven't their completed service hour obligations. OnVolunteers does all of it - automatically.

Digital, On-site Check In-Check Out

Provide a web interface for parents to check in and out of their volunteer job. This creates a "time stamp" on the exact time the parent starts and ends their volunteer job, ensuring the veracity of the parent's actual time contribution and eliminating paper sign in/out sheets. The Check In-Check Out interface can only be accessed on a computer or device that has been enabled by a Volunteer Administrator or Coordinator.

Volunteer Task and Service Hour Verification

Many Catholic and Independent schools have a 'Task completed Verification/Approval' process, that is, a Coordinator verifies whether parents have completed their tasks. OnVolunteers supports this with the Task Verification feature. After a task date has passed, the task is forwarded to the respective Coordinator, who then can quickly approve tasks. The parent is then automatically credited their service hours. The automated process is fast and ensures accurate tracking of service hours.

  Software-as-a-Service, No software

OnVolunteers is web-based software that's available over Internet, using any browser, as subscription service. Schools do not have to install or maintain software on their school network. There is no large upfront software cost and no maintenance costs for school IT staff to install and maintain the software. OnVolunteers is hosted and protected by the Microsoft Corporation, on it's Biz Spark Program, on the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure platform. You'll have peace of mind knowing your volunteer program is available any time and your school's information is protected.

A Beautifully Simple Experience

OnVolunteers uses the latest web technology that enable administrators, coordinators and parents with Internet access to use OnVolunteers on any device, whether desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. OnVolunteers uses what's called Responsive Design, which essentially re-sizes a user's interface based on the device they are using. The result is a beautifully simple and easy experience; any person, regardless of technology savviness, can use OnVolunteers.

Up and Running in One Day!

As OnVolunteers is a web-based software service, there's no need for your IT folks to install software on the school network. You can have your volunteer process fully automated in one day. Start any time throughout the year, with any activity or event.